CARES Thesis Repository

The Digital CARES Thesis Repository


The CARES Thesis Repository is an innovative digital library for the CPU College of Agriculture, Resources, and Environmental Sciences. With the digitalization of these studies, anyone can access them anywhere and anytime, making it highly convenient for the reader. The findings of these scientific studies can be an excellent baseline for researchers looking for possible research topics. 


At CARES, we are true to our vision to be responsive to the country's needs for agricultural development and attaining global competitiveness. The studies from 2021 to the present were included in this digital library. Before the mentioned school year, the studies can be accessed directly at the CPU Henry Luce III Library. With this repository, we are sure that the findings of our studies will reach those who need them. 



In FY 2022–2023, studies focused on developing essential oils as natural phytobiotics to control common infections among native chickens. This was also the year when the results of a disease early detection kit, nanoparticles, and the production of outer membrane vesicles of microorganisms began. These studies aimed to provide an alternative, natural solution to the most common infections in native chickens. This could lead to a significant decrease in antibiotic use, helping preserve the health of native chickens. 


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