Digital Repository of Flipbooks as Textbooks for CARES

Welcome to our digital repository of textbooks! This repository is designed to provide easy access to books and references for learners and professors, wherever they are. We have processed textbooks into flipbooks for easy handling and to ensure you have the most recent available literature at your fingertips. We hope you enjoy our platform's convenience and ease of access.


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Animal science textbooks are an excellent resource for learners and faculty alike. With the continuous advancement in the field, there are plenty of recently published books to explore. These books offer an easy way to follow the latest developments in animal science and can be used as a cross-reference for other courses in the same field. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, these textbooks are a great reference.


Animal Science


AS 1101 - Introduction to Animal Science


AS 1222 - Introduction to Livestock and Poultry Production  


AS 2203 - Poultry Production with Emphasis on Philippine Native Chicken


AS 3103 - Animal Nutrition and Feeding 


AS 4205 - Slaughter of Animals and Processing their Products


Crop Science flipbooks provide students and faculty with an easy-to-access, comprehensive source of practical knowledge on the principles and practices in the growing and production of crops. These flipbooks offer a modern and convenient solution for today’s agricultural learning needs and offer a unique means of imparting the learning process. With our flipbooks, you can gain the same quality of information as you would from a book, with the advantage of accessibility from anywhere.


Crop Science


ACS 1101a - Principles of Crop Production


ACS 1202a - Practices of Crop Science and Management


ACS 3205 - Post-Harvest Handling and Seed Technology

Are you looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of managing soil fertility? Look no further than our comprehensive flipbook on Soil Science. This flipbook is a comprehensive guide for students and faculty, providing them with a unique means of learning about the essential elements of soil fertility. It is also an invaluable resource for agribusiness entrepreneurs seeking a practical guide to managing their soil fertility. This flipbook will better equip you to manage your soil fertility and maximize your agricultural productivity.


Soil Science


SOILS 2201 - Principles of Soil Science


SOILS 3102 - Soil Fertility Conservation and Management

Plant protection is a complex and essential task. Without proper management, pests can cause significant damage to crops and other plants, resulting in costly losses. However, the improper application of pesticides can endanger people's lives and the environment. We have created flipbooks with comprehensive information for learners and facilitators to make the course on plant protection easy and efficient. These flipbooks are accessible from any device, making them helpful for accessing the information on the go. With our flipbooks, managing pests can be done quickly and safely.


Plant protection


CP 2101 - Principles of Crop Protection 


CP 2203 - Approaches and Practices in Pest Management


CP 3103 - Beneficial Arthropods and Microorganisms

Are you an aspiring agriculturist looking to expand your knowledge of agricultural economics? We have the perfect resource for you! Our comprehensive agricultural economics guide will provide reference materials covering basic to advanced concepts. It will also lead to the formation of intelligent and practical agriculturists, equipping them with the skills to become successful agripreneurs. Best of all, our flipbooks are easily accessible from any device, so you can learn wherever you are!


Agricultural economics


AEcon 1301 - Farm Bookkeeping and Accounting 


AEcon 3104 - Principles of Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development