Turmeric-Based-Phytomedicine to Control Pseudomonas aeruginosa 

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a bacterial infection among native chickens that causes about 72% mortality among chicks less than two weeks old. It may reduce mortality by 40% in older chickens. This pathogen causes septicemia, or inflammation of internal organs; infected chicks excrete greenish exudates, pneumonia, necrosis of the liver, and even the unabsorbed yolk during hatching. To find the answer to this phenomenal problem, Sharmaine Robiso, a graduating student of the CPU-CARES, explores the potentiality of using turmeric essential oil as phytobiotics against the said pathogens among the Philippine native chicken. 


In her preliminary findings, the results showed the potentiality of this plant material as a phytomedicine. Further refinement is being done to establish the standard concentration and timing of administering such standardized plant-based medications. Aside from being phytomedicine, the product of this study is considered edible and can be used in cooking food. A value-adding technique for this plant that is frequently taken for granted.