The Pillars of the College

Dr. Burl Alba Slocum established the Central Philippine University College of Agriculture in 1951. The strong foundation as led by Dr. Slocum, the first Dean, has enabled the College to achieve national prestige through the years. It was the first college of agriculture to be recognized outside of Luzon, probably the third in the country. 

In 1968, Dr. Wilfredo G. Espada was installed as the First Flipino Dean of the College. 

Prof. Dean Enrique S. Altis was appointed as the Dean of the College from June 1975 to March 2002. He was the longest-serving Dean. It was during his term that the Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Agriculture majors in Agribusiness and Ornamental Horticulture as added as the new courses. 

In 1959, Dr. Joseph Lenwood Edge became the second Dean of the College. Under his leadership, the College became a charter member of the Association of Colleges of Agriculture in the Philippines (ACAP) in 1964. 

In 1974, Mrs. Rosalinda S. Oro became the Acting of the College due to the transfer of Dr. Wifredo G. Espada to one of the government agencies is the said year. 

Dr. Reynaldo N. Dusaran served as the Dean from April 2002 to June 2012. It was under his term when the name of the College was changed from CPU College of Agriculture (CPUCA) to CPU College of Agriculture, Resources, and Environmental Sciences because of the offering of the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management. 

Dr. Jaime C. Cabarles Jr. is the College Dean since June 2012 up to the Present