Admission and Retention Policy

Admission Guidelines 


A. For Incoming Senior High School Graduates

  • Senior High School Graduates with good standing may be admitted to the College. Incoming first-year students who did not pass the entrance exam for English and Mathematics will be advised to enroll in Developmental English and Math. Students who want to enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (BSABE) must be STEM graduates, and non-STEM students must take and pass the entrance examination given by the College of Engineering aside from the entrance exam given by the University. But those who may fail the exam must take and pass the bridging subjects. 


B. For Transferee/s from Another School/Institution or Shifter from other Colleges

  • Transferee/s from other schools/institutions with good standing may be admitted to the College. Aspiring students with over five (5) INC., Dropped, Left or their combination will be considered for admission with the condition that they will perform better and will not incur the same grades unless it is for justifiable reasons supplemented by necessary documents such as medical certificates, wrong encoding of grades,  and any other documents needed. Those with four (4) or more failing grades (5.0) will not be admitted. Upon admission, the students will be on probation for one semester.


  • The course completed by transferee/s in the previous college or institution where they enrolled will only be credited upon validation and approval of the service department, subject teacher/s, and the Dean of the College where this subject is being offered. Otherwise, the students will be advised to re-enroll in the said subject/s.  


C. Additional Admission Requirements for Those Senior High School Graduates Who Wanted to Enroll in BSABE 

  • As a general policy, a student applicant who complies with the requirements and passes the Engineering Entrance Exam or the College Bridging Program administered by the College of Engineering may enroll as a regular student in the College.

  • Graduates of Senior High School who belong to the STEM strand and successfully passed the CPU Placement Examination must take the Engineering Entrance Examination. 

  • Passers of the Engineering Entrance Examination can enroll as regular first-year students. Non-passers must have to take the bridging program. 

  • Graduates of Senior High School who belong to the non-STEM strand and Life-Long Learners must take the CPU Placement Examination. Passers of the placement tests must also take the bridging program. Non-passers will not be admitted anymore to the College. 


The other requirements needed to comply with the University can be accessed HERE


Retention Policy 


Because it is recognized that College requires more determined effort than Senior High School, Students must willingly apply their total effort to their studies. Students with an outstanding scholastic record can continue their enrollment in this College. However, those students who perform poorly in their studies and then acquired the following grades: 

  1. For three (3) failing grades during their stay in the College, their parents will be invited to visit the Dean. The discussion will focus on the concern and the viable solution to it; 
  2. For four (4) or more failing grades, students will be advised to consider other colleges or institutions to continue their schooling. The same is true for transferee/s who cannot meet the probation condition; 
  3. Student/s who earn the mark of INC., Dropped, Left, or Combination will be counseled to reduce their unit load by three (3) units for every three (3) of the said marks. It is to give them time to concentrate on fewer subjects and comply with the needed requirements of each subject/s.